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  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) - Chapman University
  • B.A. Psychobiology- University California Santa Cruz
  • Certificate in Massage Therapy- Mueller College of Holistic Studies


    Shane Carpenter, PT, DPT, CMT

    As a healthcare provider, I am committed to helping my clients stay active throughout their lifespan.  Realizing that activities around the water and outdoors provides tremendous physiological and psychological health benefits is what drove me to start my practice Water’s Edge Physical Therapy and Wellness in 2013. 


     Physical Therapy Licenses  |  California: 35208  |  Maine: 4589  |  Hawaii: 3388


    Wearing a Wetsuit Alters Upper Extremity Motion during Simulated Surfboard Paddling Dec 14, 2015 J. A. Nessler, M. Silvas, S. Carpenter, S. C. Newcomer.

    Conservative management using physical therapy in a 64-year old big wave surfer with degenerative joint disease of his hip:  A case study.  Pending publication


    • CPR Certified - American Heart Association
    • SFMA
    • FMS
    • TPI-1